February 2014

performances T.I.G.R.E. intérieur at Dock 11,Berlin–INT-RIEUR—Somewhere.html

 April 2014 

Teaching proficlass at Michael douglas Collective,Cologne

May 2014

performances T.I.G.R.E. intérieur for “Now and next” at Tanzhaus Nrw  Düsseldorf–15

May-June 2014

“Peregrinus” cho:Fang Yu Shen  with Novatanz Cologne

at Tanzfaktur Cologne

October-December 2014

performances “chalk about” at Tanzhaus Nrw,Think Big Festival Munich,Tanzpunkt Köln

 January 2015

Performance  and workshop  for Kids in School, Cologne

February 2015

“abstract visions”  own work in collobortaion with Saori Ando,Sasha Pavic and visual artist Gonzalo Rodriguez

at  Now and Next festival Tanzhaus Nrw

” chalk about”  performed in different Festivals in 2015

March 2015” Starke Stücke” Hessen

April 2015” TanzNrw” Bonn Brotfabrik

June 2015“Westwindfestival” ,Düsseldorf  Tanzhaus Nrw Newcomerfestival for children and youthpieces

Workshop “chalk about” at Tanzhaus NRW and Theater Dortmund

August 2015“Living  tree”  and “revolution humaine” living Statue and Street performance  during summer in Brussel city

September-October 2015 “Die Schöpfung.Neu.Erleben”Assistent and dancer for Miguel Angel Zermeno,a dancepiece with handicaped kids and adults ,healthy peopel and psychological handicaped peopel

Music:  Joseph Haydn “Die Schöpfung”Junge Philharmonie Berlin und Solo Sänger Frankfurt

November 2015 “chalk about “in Lichtenstein and Bensheim

Workshop  “chalk about ” for kids and teens

January 11-18.1 2016 Workshop teaching in Italy,Udine for Spazio Corpo

February  2016 “chalk about” Hildesheim Stadttheater  Festival

April 2016         “chalk about”  Tweetakt festival ,Utrecht,Holland

June 2016           “chalk about” Tanzhaus Zürich

March 2016-June 2016  dancer for Tilted productions,London

on Tour with “Belonging(s)” at Brighton Festival

Norwich festival

Hounslow Festival

Rouen Viva Cite ,Streetart festival,France

May 2016  “here and there (or somewhere inbetween)”, Choreographer Cristina Elias

Solodance: Anca Huma

Videoinstallation at Festival ” danca em foco,” Rio de Janeiro,Brasil

September-October 2016: “The Hype”  12 Hours  performance installation with actors and down syndrom participants for “the Favoriten Festival” Performance art festival  Dortmund ,Germany

and Schauspielhaus Cologne ,Germany “the Hype” 3 hours performance installation

Upcoming: own creation “abstract visions” with visual artist Gonzalo Rodriguez

Residency 10.10-24.10.2016 at Schloss Bröllin ,Meckelnburg Vorpommern

Showing on 24 th of october

october 2016-january 2017

Danceworkshops for refugees women and Girls for the AWO Company Bremen

february 2017


11-12.2. Workshop for beginners at Weserterrassen Bremen

16.2-25.2. From Mashreb to Maghreb, Invitation  to participate for the workshoplab  Dresden Hellerau

working with arabian  persian and german artists together during the festival “From Mashreb to Maghreb”.


25-26.3 Workshop contempoary Dance and improvisation  for beginners

c-yoga Studio Bremen

March-May 2017  Working for “tanzbar” Bremen,

giving weekly  dance and imporvisation classes for the  handicaped Dance theater Company

Bremen Tanzwerk

3.6. Workshop class Impuls e.v. Bremen

19.6-23.6  Giving profi class contempoary Training

Dock 11,Berlin

24.-25.6  Giving Workshop  contempary and Improvisation

c-yoga Studio Bremen

5.7. Workshop and Performance  for Kids and Teens at Kunterbunt Schule Cologne

22-24.7 Workshop for Impuls e.v. Bremen

August 2017   ” JETZT” performance solo at Tagimpark festival,Essen with musician

Simon Camatta

October 2017   residency at Schloss Bröllin,colloboration with Choroegrapher

Arthur Kuggeleyn “Warten auf den Bagger”  Performance for

25 years Schloss Bröllin

24 and 26 th october   Proficlass contemporary flow for Tanznetz Dresden

November 2017   “The Hype” 6 hours perfromce from see” and “i can be your translator”

at Ballhaus Ost ,Berlin november    “Aktionstag” with “Klangkörper” an artist association from Cologne

workshop “spielrische Rituale” and Improvisation performance

with musician Achim Tang for “Kunterbuntschule”

Soon:                       Workshop Ritual at Tenza Schmiede Dresden

6 and 7  january 2017  ,please inscribe at Tenza

and 20 and 21 Ritual workshop at Eden,Berlin

















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