Anca Huma was born in Iasi, Rumania,in 1980.
At the Age of 3 she came to Germany, growing up with two cultures.

Anca studied dance at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem, and later achived her diploma at the Folkwang Universität Essen.

Her teachers were dancers from Pina Bausch, Lutz Förster, Malou Airadou,Dominique Mercy, Ed Kortland, Susanne Linke, Libbye Nye (Limon company) as well various teachers from the freelance scene in Brussels and Germany.

She was a student of russian Ballett  and studied modern dance, Limon, contemporary dance and Tanztheater.

She has been always interested in multi disciplinary art works and worked with experimental filmmakers, photographers and musicians. Ancas main interest is on contemporary dance, improvisation and composition.
Work experience:

Anca worked as a guest dancer for the Staatstheater Kassel (cho: Johannes Wieland).
In the freelance scene with Company Entre Pasos, Susanne Linke, Ilona Paszthy, Freies Tanz Theater Frankfurt, Mainzer Kammerspiele, Veronika Riz, Henny Beyer, Leandro Kees, Chikako Kaido, Yaron Shamir, Yael Davids ,Vincent Bozek and own works and films.

Anca teaches improvisation/compostition and contemporary dance for all levels since 2011 .

In Mexico she collaborates with Moving Borders. She was teaching for the School of Fine Arts in Mexico City and in Salamanca.

The workshop „Does space has a memory“?was held at the Md Collective studio in Cologne in 2011 and will be continued in the Md Collective studios.

Currently she is working on own choreography , on her solo “T.I.G.R.E. intèrieur ” and for the collective “perfrominggroup” from Choreographer Leandro Kees.




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